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Laboratory of digital documents works in collaboration with the following projects.



Hakku project aims to study how XML language can be used in new office applications, especially in Word 11 and 12. Also the Smart Documents technology in office documentation is studied.


L'eXaMpLe project studies the MemoX system for agenda and memorandumcreation. The aim of the project is to fit the XML based document creation system to meet the needs of the Information Systems and Coputer Science department.


Kokako is the co-project of Faculty of Information Technology and Virtual University. The aim of the project is to develop the publication process of the Faculty's study guide alongside the integration of the pblication system Plone/Zope. The head of the project is the Headof the Study Issues, Eija Ihanainen. The laboratory of Digital Documents has offered XML tools and education to the project group. The technical mentors of the projects are Anne Honkaranta and Miika Nurminen.


In RAKE project the utilization of the structured documents in office documentation and applications are studed. The partner in cooperation is FCP. The participants from Digital Media are Anne Honkaranta and Eliisa Jauhiainen.



The goal of the project is to enhance the study guide and its creation process in University of Jyväskylä. The project examines the creation process and studies the problems in this process. It also examines if the guide is meaningful for its target audience and how it could be transferred into XML.


The goal of the project is to examine and enhance creating and distribution process of documents in University of Jyväskylä's faculty of information technology. This is done by lightening the creation process with the help of XML and by automating the multichannel publication as far as possible.

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